"Because Life is Beautiful"

Maelyn ~ Aug 2013

This was an impromtu session while the family was in from out of state. I was so glad to get the chane to do this quick session for her. We were lucky to be able to grab a few outdoor shots before it started to rain and then really started to pour (begining to see a pattern in my sessions?) But we wanted to get a few more outdoor shots so they came back a couple days later to finish up the session and luckily that day was totally gorgeous and worth the wait!! She was a little model and I was able to just snap, snap, snap like a breeze!

Oh to be carefree like a child again and be able to just spin around and enjoy the world as it is. Was fun to just watch her be herself and photograph her just being a kid.
She was definitely a pleasure to photograph and hope to get the chance again soon!