"Because Life is Beautiful"

Aubree - 6 months - Bardstown Photographer

I absolutely love to photograph newborns. They are totally my favorite subjects, but coming in a close second is 6 month olds! This is such a fun age as they are learning so many new things all at once and are so alert, smiling and giggling. Little Miss Aubree was no exception! She gave me plenty of smiles and even some goofy faces that totally made me laugh. Easy baby to photograph each time I've done her photos as newborn and 3 months old! I love watching my clients grow!

LOL Just look at that face! Mom calls this one on the right her "mean face" but I just call it simply adorable!

  Haha, there's that face again! I love it!

 One of my most favorite baby poses EVER! Another reason why I love this age, this pose right here! :)

Some mommy and mamaw lovin! I love shots like these! 

We get so busy in our daily lives and we may snap a photo or two on our phone of our kids, but how many times to we actually get a professional to take photos of us with our kids. I can be honest and say for me, very rarely, in fact it's been over a year and a half since I did and that was only at my wedding! If it isn't on your to do list soon to do family photos, put it at the top. We never know what tomorrow may bring so don't put it off. If you can't afford professional ones right now, save up to get them but in the meantime, jump in some pictures with your kids and family, have a stranger take it or do some selfies with them, whatever you need to do, just jump in them! One of the pictures I treasure most is a photo of me and my mom I snapped on mothers day real quick with my phone a few years ago when I saw everyone changing their profile photos on Facebook to photos with their mom and realized I didn't have any recent ones at all. I am so thankful for that photo as that was my last mothers day with her. She passed away that December. I so wish we had professional family ones done. We had them planned for the following summer, but we didn't get that chance. 
So don't put it off because you think you don't look good enough or may not have your hair or makeup on, or want to lose a couple of pounds or whatever your reason, just do it, your kids will think you're beautiful no matter what!