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Rachel Vanoven Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Rachel Vanoven's Newborn Workshop. I have for a few years now since I started following her on Facebook, wanted to meet this crazy fun lady and attend her workshop but never thought I would ever be able to. (They fill up sooo quickly)
But thanks to BP4U, back in September, I checked my email one day to see that I had won a spot to her workshop. I literally jumped of the couch and squealed and my husband probably had no clue what I was talking about when he walked in the door and the first thing I said after hugging him was "omg guess what, I won a spot in Rachel's workshop omg!!!"
The bad news? I had to wait 5 months!! Oh the agony!

It was only a 2 hour drive away in Indianapolis so I booked my hotel a few weeks in advance and planned to make the drive up alone, time away just me and my camera and other awesome photographers.
I went the night before to attend the dinner with the other lucky attendees and it was so much fun. I really got to meet some super nice ladies who happen to be amazing photographers themselves.

(Eeek! Can't believe I was really here!) 

Watching Rachel work and being able to take images myself, learning a way to wrap, editing tricks, tips on angles, and so much more, was such a great experience. Not to mention getting to hang out with fellow photographers (a first for me) was so much fun.

I really had such a lovely time. And oh I almost forgot the best part. Taking photos of adorable babies! 

 (Posing by Rachel Vanoven, wrapping in 5th one by me, photos taken by me)

I really am so glad I was able to have this chance. If you are a photographer who wishes to get into photographing newborns, I highly recommend taking a workshop. If not by Rachel, by another pro in the industry. The poses are much harder than they look and you could injure baby if you have not been shown the proper way to pose.
If you are a parent, please be picky when choosing a newborn photographer. If you don't book me, book someone who has lots of experience with newborns. Don't trust your newborn with someone who doesn't have specific training with newborns.Your baby's safety is more important than anything. Yes custom newborn photography is a little more expensive, but it is worth it. I know some photographers may be appealing because their prices are so cheap but think about the quality. You want something you can blow up on you wall and share for generations. And you want your baby safe so please make sure you go to a licensed, tax paying photographer with experience with newborns to make sure your baby is well cared for during their session.