"Because Life is Beautiful"

Bellis Wedding 9/24/16

I must admit I was a tad nervous for this one as I had only spoken with the bride over the phone and not in person since she lived many miles away and had never been to this venue before. As with every wedding I do, I always hope the couple will love their photos, that their day goes beautiful for them, that I'm able to get all the shots they requested, and just overall hoping that all goes well when meeting everyone for the first time.
I'm sure most photographers worry that their subjects are going to be too quiet and camera shy or maybe just uncooperative and not want to be photographed. Let me tell you, this entire group eased my fears pretty quickly as soon as I started to take the first shots. What an amazing group of people and not just easy to work with, but nailed it! I actually had a blast shooting this wedding the entire day to the early morning hours when I left the reception. Such a fun couple and their wedding party, not to mention a simply gorgeous wedding. I hope I was able to do it justice!