"Because Life is Beautiful"

Hutchins Wedding 6/4/16

I love outdoor weddings, not sure why they're my favorite to do but I absolutely just love them and this one was no exception! The sweetest most laid back couple and the prettiest location made for such a beautiful day. They were total joy to photograph and were such troopers from standing in the creek bed, to trying to avoid the snake nearby as we worked. I know I've mentioned before, but I really love First Looks. It's so sweet to see the groom's face when he turns around and catches a glimpse of his soon to be wife for the first time. Such a face of love and pride and happiness on both of them and it is such an honor to get to capture that.

I don't think there was a dry eye in the room, including my own, during the mother son dance. Such a beautiful moment that I will never forget.