"Because Life is Beautiful"

Bentley - 10 days old

Little Mr. B slept like a dream. The few times he wanted a bit to eat, he just went right back to sleep. And look at all that hair! Isn't he just adorable! Some of my babies have liked being wrapped, a few have hated it. Mr. B was one who loved it (just don't make him hold his hands down lol)
He was so much fun to photograoh! (And look at those little cheeks!)

Juliana - 7 days old

Miss Juliana loved being cuddled and would wake up whenever I tried to put her down to take her picture. She did great though and was nice and quiet and fully of cuteness! Definitely got more awake shots than I normally do with newborns, she had to see what was going on! 

Josh & Brittany - Family

I love doing sessions at this time of day, when the light is just right and peeking through the trees. A nice golden sunset and clear skies.
Family sessions are always special because you get to capture the interaction and love between everyone, and provide them with those memories that will last a lifetime. Kids grow so fast and it's great to be able to look back at family photos and remember that they were once that small.

Courtney & John - Prom

Prom is always a memorable time in every teenager's life. The date, the dress, the makeup, the hair, the ride, the dance. With the business of the day, sometimes it's hard to remember everything later on, but with photos of the special night, you can always look back, and even show your own kids later on down the road, the memories of that special night

Louann Gender Reveal/Maternity

This was my first gender reveal session and it was so much fun. Mom and dad didn't know what they were having so I was the first to know after the doctor. She presented me with an envelope with the ultrasound photo from the doctor revealing the gender. We had to schedule very soon after because the suspense was driving her (and grandma) crazy lol
I think it was well worth it!

We then later scheduled her maternity session (sessions actually since we did a few in the snow and a few after it turned warmer with her other kiddos)

 Her little one was just born yesterday so stay tuned for her pictures next week!!

Photographing your special moments and watching adorable little ones like this grow up is why I love my job. Contact me at and check out my website at to book your shoot today!

Cole 10 days old

I had the pleasure of photographing this little one's gender reveal so I have been excited for months waiting for him to be born. The hunting theme with the gender reveal was a first for me so of course he was my first hunting theme newborn as well!

(Safety disclaimer: gun was unloaded and mom and dad were on each side.)

In this one, he is wearing dad's little baby ring. Definitely had to include that to make this a special shot

This was a very special picture in honor of Cole's uncle. You can follow Team Jarret's Facebook page here: Team Jarret

Photographing your special moments and watching adorable little ones like this grow up is why I love my job. Contact me at and check out my website at to book your shoot today!

Aubree 9 months -

I've been photographing this little one since she was curled up in mommy's tummy. I love watching her grow and getting the opportunity to photograph her every 3 months. She was full of smiles and giggles this time and is definitely on the go now! I loved her session though and we got some wonderful photos!



 Showing off those baby blues!

Look at that smile!! Just lights up a whole room!

Photographing your special moments and watching adorable little ones like this grow up is why I love my job. Contact me at and check out my website at to book your shoot today!

Miss Abby and Mr Blake

These two were simply adorable! I was so excited that spring had finally arrived. I went to this location the week before and trees were starting to bloom out and it was so pretty. Then mother nature delivered us one last snow and two nights of freezing weather. When I went back with locations in mind, everything had died and was brown from the frost. Was a bit disappointed, but hey, you make the best of any situation and we found one little bush that still had flowers! Yay!

Can you say adorable! 

After a few, Mr Blake was finished with pictures for the day though, so we decided to reschedule for the following weekend in the evening and boy I am glad we did. Everything had started to bloom back out and right away, I spotted a dogwood  that I knew would be a gorgeous backdrop! Both kiddos brought their A game and were ready for smiling! Not to mention, the lighting was do die for!! I absolutely love a good sunset!

Oh my goodness I love his smile! 

This is definitely one of my favorites from the session.

So happy spring has fiannnnnly arrived after it looked as if winter would never go away!! 

It is the perfect time for family photos before it gets too hot and the flowers are all looking pretty, feel free to contact me to book today!

Spring Minis

Spring! I love this time of year, flowers blooming, rain on the roof, the smell of fresh blossoms everywhere, sunshine and gorgeous weather (most of the time at least)

Spring also means mini session time! Just started the spring minis with a couple of adorable set ups!!
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Here's just a few examples of the two different setups I'm using this year!

Aubree - 6 months - Bardstown Photographer

I absolutely love to photograph newborns. They are totally my favorite subjects, but coming in a close second is 6 month olds! This is such a fun age as they are learning so many new things all at once and are so alert, smiling and giggling. Little Miss Aubree was no exception! She gave me plenty of smiles and even some goofy faces that totally made me laugh. Easy baby to photograph each time I've done her photos as newborn and 3 months old! I love watching my clients grow!

LOL Just look at that face! Mom calls this one on the right her "mean face" but I just call it simply adorable!

  Haha, there's that face again! I love it!

 One of my most favorite baby poses EVER! Another reason why I love this age, this pose right here! :)

Some mommy and mamaw lovin! I love shots like these! 

We get so busy in our daily lives and we may snap a photo or two on our phone of our kids, but how many times to we actually get a professional to take photos of us with our kids. I can be honest and say for me, very rarely, in fact it's been over a year and a half since I did and that was only at my wedding! If it isn't on your to do list soon to do family photos, put it at the top. We never know what tomorrow may bring so don't put it off. If you can't afford professional ones right now, save up to get them but in the meantime, jump in some pictures with your kids and family, have a stranger take it or do some selfies with them, whatever you need to do, just jump in them! One of the pictures I treasure most is a photo of me and my mom I snapped on mothers day real quick with my phone a few years ago when I saw everyone changing their profile photos on Facebook to photos with their mom and realized I didn't have any recent ones at all. I am so thankful for that photo as that was my last mothers day with her. She passed away that December. I so wish we had professional family ones done. We had them planned for the following summer, but we didn't get that chance. 
So don't put it off because you think you don't look good enough or may not have your hair or makeup on, or want to lose a couple of pounds or whatever your reason, just do it, your kids will think you're beautiful no matter what! 

Savannah / Family Christmas session

Ok so I really stink at this blogging thing but I vow to post more often now lol. So this session was from November and December (see I told you I was really bad )

I love this time of year. Crisp fall weather, the smell of fallen leaves, nice breeze in the air. Would love for it to be fall year round.
This little girl was a total doll. We also did the session with her older cousin along with her boyfriend for some cute little family shots as well as some great couple ones as well.
We wanted to be able to catch the last little bit of fall weather and leaves to get some wonderful photos at Bernheim Forest and then a few days later to the studio for some Christmas ones since I had not decorated yet!

She was such a good baby, never fussed being outside at all and totally loved playing in the leaves. Wonderful easy baby to work with! 

Aren't these two so cute together!! They didn't mind me making them lay in the leaves to get this shot. Thanks for being such good sports!!

Don't you just love those blue eyes!! To die for!

 Again with those sparkling eyes. I'm totally jealous.

This day she was a bit more tired than the outdoor session and by this time, she was done, but didn't it make for a cute last shot!! 

Aubree - Newborn - 6 days old

I love photographing newborns, love love love it! It does take a LOT of patience to take your time and have everything just right but this little princess made my job sooooo easy! She went right to sleep after she was fed as soon as she arrived and slept for me the entire time, only waking up right at the end when she was ready to eat again. Such an adorable little bundle. I was lucky enough to do mom's maternity pictures a couple of months ago and can't wait to watch her grow! It was nice getting my girly props out since my last two newborns were boys!

Maelyn ~ Aug 2013

This was an impromtu session while the family was in from out of state. I was so glad to get the chane to do this quick session for her. We were lucky to be able to grab a few outdoor shots before it started to rain and then really started to pour (begining to see a pattern in my sessions?) But we wanted to get a few more outdoor shots so they came back a couple days later to finish up the session and luckily that day was totally gorgeous and worth the wait!! She was a little model and I was able to just snap, snap, snap like a breeze!

Oh to be carefree like a child again and be able to just spin around and enjoy the world as it is. Was fun to just watch her be herself and photograph her just being a kid.
She was definitely a pleasure to photograph and hope to get the chance again soon!

Kendall ~ 4 months ~ Aug 2013

This session was dear to me as this couple had tried for several years to have a little one with no luck. Then along came adorable Miss Kendall and boy was she worth the wait! She is a total doll with a  gorgeous head full of hair!
Little Kendall was wide awake during her session (at first) For a 4 month old, she sure was active, and very determined! She did not like trying to sit up, she didn't want mommy to stand her on her feet and hold her up and she she got pretty frustrated when we put her on her tummy and she wasn't able to go! She had the most adorable smile though which she showed me several times.
Was so sweet to see her and her daddy interact and she would stare and smile at him.
Towards the end I think we wore her out a bit as she settled into a peaceful sleep long enough for me to get a few sleeping shots.
I so wish we would have been able to get a few more outdoor shots that day but I was thankful to get the couple that we did because it was starting to sprinkle when we took those and soon started to pour (yep, like the last session!)
I can't wait to watch this little princess grow up and look forward to photographing her again!